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SciENcv/My Bibliography and the Biosketch: Home

What is the SciENcv Tool?

Science Experts Network Curriculum Vitae (SciENcv) is a new electronic system that helps researchers assemble the professional information needed for participation in federally funded research. SciENcv gathers and compiles information on expertise, employment, education and professional accomplishments. Researchers can use SciENcv to create and maintain biosketches that are submitted with grant applications and annual reports. SciENcv allows researchers to describe and highlight their scientific contributions in their own words.

What SciENcv does:

  • Eliminates the need to repeatedly enter biosketch information
  • Reduces the administrative burden associated with federal grant submission and reporting requirements
  • Provides access to a researcher-claimed data repository with information on expertise, employment, education, and professional accomplishments
  • Allow researchers to describe their scientific contributions in their own language

SciENcv and MyNBCI pdf

BIOSKETCH- Flow Chart Using PubMed-MyNCBI

You can also link eraCommons (follow directions in the box Link accounts to SciENcv) to enter information including education, work experience and award history into Biosketch.

BIOSKETCH-Find Publications Using ORCID if Not Found in PubMed

*Enter publications not found in PubMed or ORCID manually by clicking Add Citation>Manual citations for articles that do not appear in PubMed. To link this account follow directions.

BIOSKETCH 3 minute overview

SciENcv Tutorial

My Bibliography in MyNCBI - Tutorial

SciEncv PowerPoint Classroom

Use Altmetrics from Symplectic in your Biosketch!

Symplectic Elements (our new faculty tracking system) includes Altmetric's score for each publication if one exists. A Guide to using Almetric in your NIH Biosketch has suggestions on how to include Altmetric scores from your significant publications.


My Bibliography

What are the changes in the NIH Biosketch?

The changes to Biosketch include:

  • extends page limit from 4 to 5 pages
  • a list of publications can be included in both the personal statement and contributions to science sections
  • choose up to 5 significant contributions to science
  • optional url link to full list of published work in PubMed via MyBibliography
  • free access to SciENcv tool to help create a new Biosketch with presets to follow the new requirements




SciENcv - Multple accounts

What can you do if you have multiple accounts?
To unify multiple accounts write to the NCBI helpdesk at and include the following in your message:

  • NCBI username,
  • eRA Commons username (if any)
  • any email addresses that may be associated with your account(s)

The help desk will merge these accounts into a single account. All existing linked accounts will transfer to the single account. The single account will contain all contents of the accounts including saved searches, collections, bibliography entries and any other information stored in NCBI.

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Use these links when having trouble with these parts of the NIH Public Access System

BIOSKETCH-Link accounts to SciENcv

  • Link eraCommons to SciENcv
    Go to PubMed, click on MyNCBI. Choose eraCommons from the icons at the top. Sign in using your eraCommons user name and password.

Add a Delegate

My NCBI users can grant access to delegates to view and manage their SciENcv profiles. The delegates will then be able to create, modify or delete the information in the SciENcv account. The delegate must sign up for their own My NCBI account first.

  • Sign in to My NCBI account
  • Click on your username on the NCBI header (top right corner of page)
  • Access the Account Settings page
  • Go to the “Delegates” section and click Add a Delegate link
  • Enter delegate’s email address; then click OK
  • Assigned delegate will receive an email with a URL that will bring individual to an access confirmation page
  • Delegates must sign into their personal My NCBI account before replying to the confirmation email.
  • Delegates click on the Confirm Connection button.
    Under “Collections” the delegate will see a link for the bibliography/SciENcv which they can access as well as their own bibliography (ies)