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Measure Your Research Impact-h-index, impact factor and more: Impact Factor, Journal Metrics, CiteScore Metrics

What is an impact factor?

The Impact Factor* is:

  • a calculation of  the average number of citations from a specific journal to recent articles.
  • measures the of importance of a journal within its field
  • was devised by Eugene Garfield ( founder of the Institute for Scientific Information)
  • are calculated yearly and are always one year behind
  • not every journal has an impact factor
    • a journal might be too new
    • a journal simply is not tracked

*Impact Factors are found in the Journal Citation Reports which is owned by Clarivate Analytics.

Find the Impact factor in JCR

The impact factor can be found in the database Journal Citation Reports (aka JCR). JCR is a database offered through ISI Web of Science that:

  • critically evaluates leading journals
  • uses quantifiable, statistical information based on citation data
  • measures research influence on a variety of levels
  • shows the relationship between citing and cited journals
  • offers two versions; science and social science editions

Journal Citation Report is owned by Clarivate Analytics.

Please note: Only Faculty can access JCR by logging in to Web of Science by going directly to UC and logging in using their 6+2. Non-faculty no longer have access to JCR due to a license issue.

Find Impact Factor - Journal Citation Reports

Let's look for the impact factor for the journal Circulation

Albert wrote an article in the journal Circulation

Now we have to go the Journal Citation Report (JCR)* to find out the impact factor for this journal:

  1. Go to ISI Web of Knowledge
  2. Click on Journal Citation Reports at the top of the page.
  3. Type in the Go to Journal Profile box type and enter your publication name; in this case Circulation. If the journal has an impact factor you will see the title in the drop down menu. Click on it.

  4. In results page you will several data sets including impact factor.

    In this case Circulation has an impact Factor of 17.202 for 2015.


* Journal Citation Report (JCR) is a product of Clarivate Analytics

Scopus-CiteScore metrics

CiteScore is a family of eight indicators that offer complementary views to analyze the impact of all serial titles including journal in Scopus.This is another Journal metric that researchers can use to measure their impact. Keep in mind there are 22,000 title currently but more will be added.