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Measure Your Research Impact-h-index, impact factor and more: Citation Analysis

What is citation analysis?

Citation analysis (also known as bibliometrics) is the collection of information on how many times a publication has been cited by others. This is helpful as it can show the impact and assumed quality of a publication, the author of that publication or an institution. The citation analysis tools available often cover different sets of publications, so it is advisable to check several different sources.These sources include:


Let's look for a citation count for one of Albert's papers in Web of Science

  1. Go to Web of Science
  2. Choose Web of Science Core Collection from the drop down menu.
  3. Change Basic search to Author Search.
    To get a full list of all the author's publications enter the Author's last name and initial and click the + Author Name Variant to include other variations of the author's name under which this person published (e.g. maiden name, one initial, two initials).

  4. Click Search.
  5. Check your results to make sure all of the publications are correct.
    • If all of the publications in the results are correct you do not need to check the boxes. Proceed to number 6.
    • If some publications are incorrect check the boxes of the correct items and proceed to number 6.
    • If publications are missing, check the boxes next to publications that are correct and click Add to Marked List. at the top of the results on the right.
      Continue searching for publications, check the boxes and add them to the Marked list.
      When the list is complete click on Marked List at the top in the grey section.
      Click Create Citation Report located just above the list of publication and skip to number 7.
    • To get information on a specific publication (as in this case, just one publication) in the Refine Search on the left of the screen search the title of the publication. Proceed to number 6.

  6. Click Create Citation Report at the top right.
    If not all are correct click Select page and uncheck the publications that are incorrect, going through each page (hint:if the list is big make sure to scroll down to the bottom of the page and change Show to 50 items per page) and then click Create Citation Report.

  7. From this screen you will see the graph including publication year and times cited within teach year. Use the blue arrow to scroll through the range of years.
  8. You can print this screen (one page at a time), email it or create a Text or Excel sheet by scrolling to the bottom of the page.If you have more than one citation make sure to select Records and put in the full range of numbers (if you don't then you will only get the first page).

    In this example (just one article was needed) we can see that the article Albert wrote "Considerations considering the fundaments of theoretical physics" was cited 27 times.


To find your citation count in Scopus

  1. Logon to Scopus using these directions.
  2. Click on Author search.
  3. Enter author information (Last name, first name and affiliations if your name is common).

  4.  In the results page check the box(es) of the correct author.
    You can click on the number of publications (in this case 167) to make sure these publications are correct or wait until you get results and then delete as needed.
  5. Click View citation overview to get the full list of publications.

  6. Options on this page include changing the
    • Date range
    • Exclude self citations
    • Exclude Citations from books
      Click Update if any changes are made.
    • Sort on: set to Date (newest) Citation count (descending) but you can click on  to sort by several by Date (oldest) and Citation count ascending)
  7. To get a print out click on Export or Print in the top right hand.

WEB OF SCIENCE-Core Colleciton

WEB OF SCIENCE - Cited Reference Search

SCOPUS-more information

Find total citation count in Symplectic

  • Login to Symplectic
  • In the Home tab there is a graph with publication totals located in the Publication History box. Hover your mouse over the bars to see the publication numbers per year.
  • To look at citation counts from highest to lowest go to the My Publications box and click on Journal Articles.
    Please note Symplectic will not break down citation counts year by year for each publication. For this kind of count, see Citation Analysis for instructions.
  • In the results page go to Sort by and change it to Citation count (Highest first).
    Total citation counts are found under each publication and come from RCR, Dimensions, EPMC (Europe PMC) and Scopus.
  • Make sure the Detailed view is set as your view (it will say the opposite...Compact view in the upper right corner).

Google Scholar

iCite-NIH Office of Portolio Analysis