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Endnote: Endnote Online

Endnote Online


Endnote Online is the online version of the traditional Endnote (desktop) that CCHMC can get for free with a 2 year license that is renewable. You can search online resources, collect and organize references and format citations to create a bibliography in a document.

Features include:

  • Use Cite While You Write in Word to create your bibliography
  • Transfer reference from Endnote Online to your desktop version as well as transfer references from your desktop version to Endnote Online. This feature is called EndNoteSync.
  • Share references with colleagues who also have Endnote Online
  • Save Web of Knowledge records directly to an online library

Endnote offers EndNoteSync that enables you to transfer your groups and references from your online account to your desktop and the reverse.

Sign up

Please note that you must be on campus and using a CCHMC computer to get the full version of Endnote Online*
From Endnote desktop version go to:

  • Edit--Preferences--Sync.
  • Click on Enable Sync, Sign Up and create an account.
  • Go back to Endnote desktop and enter your user name and password. Check the Sync Automatically box or ou can unchecked but you will need to click the Sync button on the top menu to sync your desktop to your online library.
  • To make sure you have the full version of Endnote Online please check in the online version go to:
    • Options>Subscription-check for Account: Endnote X# (the version you have) and Expiration Date: Day Month Year

To get to Endnote Online from the desktop version go to Help-Endnote Online and logon or go directly to and login from any computer anywhere in the hospital. To see the library sync to the online version, make sure to refresh the screen every few minutes.

*If you are not on campus or using a CCHMC desktop you will only get Endnote Basic.

Due to the availability of Endnote Online we will no longer offer a download for your home computer. Please email if you have further questions about this restriction.

*If you are not on campus and/or using your own computer you will only get Endnote Basic.

Sync Endnote Web to Endnote (desktop)

How to sync references, custom groups, group sets, smart groups, and combination groups between desktop computers using EndNote Sync with EndNote X7.1 or later.

Managing References

Class clips: managing new references in EndNote online captured via Direct Export (3:35). This class segment explains how to best organized unfiled references added to your library via Direct Export.

Using Endnote Online - Full Class

PubMed Export for EndNote Online

Exporting citations from PubMed and importing them into EndNote Online requires a slightly different process than exporting them to EndNote Desktop which is demonstrated in the video linked below.

You can find text instructions on how to do this in the EndNote Knowledgebase here.  The text instructions use an older export method from PubMed but they do still work.

Endnote Online - Cite While you Write

Endnote Online - Share Groups

Class clips: managing and sharing groups in EndNote online (4:28). This class segment provides an overview of EndNote online's Manage My Groups interface.