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Endnote: Endnote for Advanced Users

Install Plug-In to work with Explorer, Chrome. Edge and Cite While You Write function

Update Journal Names

EndNote provides term lists in which the user can store both the full titles of journals and the corresponding abbreviations. Make sure that you choose the correct format.

This example shows you how to use the full name of the journal but you can also choose from Abbrevation 1 or Abbreviation 2 (Index Medicus without periods OR Index Medicus with periods).

Get More Output Styles

Adding a new output style to your EndNote output styles is easy if you follow these directions.

  1. First go to the EndNote Output Styles page.
  2. Search for the style that you need by entering the name in the Style or Journal Name contains field. In this example we are searching for Anesthesia and Analgesia. Click Apply.
  3. When you find the style that you need, click on DOWNLOAD to the right of the style name.
  4. In the pop up box choose Open with EndNote and click OK. If the Open with does not show EndNote use the scroll down bar and choose Other. This will pull up a list of applications. Choose EndNote from that list and click OK.

    Once the style is open in EndNote go to File>Save As. EndNote will automatically name your style and add the word copy. In this example you will see Anesthesia and Analgesia.copy. You can keep or change the name at this point, then click OK.
  5. The final step is to make sure it is in your Output Styles list. In EndNote go to Edit> Output Styles>Open Style Manager. Find the name of the style and check the box next to the name of the new style and close the Output Styles window. Your new style is now ready to use.

Title Capitalization

Learn how to capitalize titles in an Output Style to change this in your entire library.

If you want to change the capitalization of the title in the reference list then you can modify this in the output style:

1. Open EndNote and go to Edit > Output Styles > Open Style Manager. 
2. Locate and then double click to open the style that you use. 
3. Under 'Bibliography' on the left, click on 'Title Capitalization' and on the right change the setting to your requirement. 
4. Click on File > Save As to save a copy of the output style 

The video linked below shows another option when editing the output style to make all letters in the journal title capitalized, e.g. SCIENCE.

Find Reference Updates

This Endnote feature is great for references that are e-pub ahead of print. Run this every so often to update your references with the volume, issue and pages numbers once they are assigned.

CWYW - Basics (20 Minutes)

CWYW - Adding Citations (3 Minutes)

Library Sharing- in Endnote X8

Endnote X7 - Edit an Existing Output Style

Learn how to edit an existing output style to exactly what you need.  A transcript of this video is available online here: 

You can also find print instructions from EndNote on Modifying Reference Types and Output Styles here (link will open a PDF file for Endnote X7). 

Direct Export from Google Scholar

Set up your Journal Term List

How to setup your Journals Term List to uniformly output journal titles.

Endnote-Manuscript Matcher