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Digital Notebooks: Evernote

A guide to using digital notebook software, including Microsoft OneNote and Evernote.

Examples of Use

Evernote for Scientists: Mastering the Electronic Lab Notebook

An example from June 2013 of using Evernote for scientific research.

Evernote Blog

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What is EverNote

Evernote is a note-taking program that includes both web-based, desktop, and app interfaces.  


Sign up for a free basic account online here:

A premium version with additional features and increased upload capacity is also available.


Evernote Tips

Evernote App Center

The Evernote app center offers additional products that intergrate with the program to enhance your experience, such as Skitch with allows you to annotate picture and Penultimate, a handwriting app.

Evernote Knowledge Base

The Evernote Knwledge Base is a help forum where you can ask questions and search topics posted by other Evernote users.

Evernote Keyboard Shortcuts for Windows

Learn about keyboard shortcuts for Evernote to increase your productivity.

Learn More

These ebooks are available to Cincinnati Children's employees through our UC affiliate status.  If working off-site you may need to log in to the catalog.  Instructions are available online here: