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Digital Notebooks: Home

A guide to using digital notebook software, including Microsoft OneNote and Evernote.

Which program should I use?

Should you use OneNote or Evernote?  Do you want to use both?  Check out these articles comparing the two products to help you decide which one is best for your needs.

Lifehacker Faceoff: OneNote vs. Evernote (updated 2016)

MakeUseOf: Evernote vs. OneNote: Which Note-Taking App Is Right for You? (2016)


What are Digital Notebooks

What are they?Digital notebook programs allow you to collect information from a variety of electronic sources, such as internet sites, journal articles, your email, and calendar.  You can take notes, annotate pages, and search your content easily.  Programs can be used on desktop and laptop computers, but there are also mobile-friendly versions that sync across all of your devices

Why use them?

  • Keep track of information found in electronic formats
  • Harness the power of searchability
  • Flexible organization - move and copy information and notes between projects/notebooks
  • Syncing notes between devices and locations for access on the go
  • Integrate with other programs to link your notes with your calendar and email
  • Collaborate and share information easily with colleagues using sharing features.

Disclaimer: When NOT to use digital notebooks

If you are working with data that is covered by HIPAA or is otherwise sensitive, be careful about using programs that store their data in "the cloud".  Make sure that your sensitive data is secure!