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Database Searching Tutorials: Further Information and Training: PubMed

This guide provides information about tutorials that are available to demonstrate how to use different scholarly databases


National Library of Medicine’s Medline: PubMed comprises over 21 million citations for biomedical literature from MEDLINE, life science journals, and online books. PubMed citations and abstracts include the fields of biomedicine and health, covering portions of the life sciences, behavioral sciences, chemical sciences, and bioengineering. PubMed also provides access to additional relevant web sites and links to the other NCBI molecular biology resources.

PubMed is a free resource that is developed and maintained by the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI), at the U.S. National Library of Medicine (NLM), located at the National Institutes of Health (NIH).

Publishers of journals can submit their citations to NCBI and then provide access to the full-text of articles at journal web sites using LinkOut.

Publisher Created Tutorials

For additional instruction on using PubMed, see the following resources:


Accessing Full-Text Articles from PubMed

If you are searching in PubMed make sure to use the link from the Pratt Library Database page.

The direct link is here: PubMed   This link is configured to connect you with journal subscriptions from Pratt Library and UC Libraries.  This will allow you to see buttons with the library logos that will take you to the full-text article or to the Pratt Library journal list.  The public version of PubMed won’t display these buttons for you and you will not be able to access full-text as easily.


childrens logo or UC Med logo or UC libraries logo

Click these links in the PubMed record (also visible in Abstract view on the results page) to access full-text articles.  You may need to log in as an affiliate if you use the UC Links


PubMed LinkoutButtons

How to Request Interlibrary Loan Articles From PubMed

If you can’t find the full-text of an article, you can use the Send to E-Mail function from PubMed which allows you to send your search results to the e-mail address. Type the email in the “E-mail” box and your email address in the “Additional text” box.

Single Citation Matcher

PubMed - Single Citation Matcher

Use this tool to find PubMed citations / locate full references with partial information

Publisher Created Tutorials

  • The Single Citation Matcher, available from the PubMed Home page and the Advanced Search page, allows you to fill in the information you have about a citation (e.g., author, title, journal, volume, issue, page) by field. Here you will find a quick tutorial.

PDF Document- 3 Pages:

  • This PDF provides a visual step-by-step guide on how to use Single Citation Matcher.

User Created Tutorials

  • Click here to view a video on how to use Single Citation Matcher (2.23 min).

PubMed Clinical Queries

PubMed – Clinical Queries

clinical filters for evidence-based literature searches

This specialized search is intended for clinicians and has built-in search “filters.” Four study categories–therapy, diagnosis, etiology, prognosis–are provided, and you may indicate whether you wish your search to be more sensitive (i.e., include most relevant articles but probably including some less relevant ones) or more specific (i.e. including mostly relevant articles but probably omit a few). There is also a PubMed Clinical Queries Filter Table which describes the details of filtering.

PubMed Clinical Queries and Evidence-Based Medicine

The PubMed Clinical Queries page provides three specialized searches:

  • Search by Clinical Study Category
  • Finding Systematic Reviews
  • Medical Genetics Searches

Publisher Created Tutorials

Clinical Studies: uses pre-set research methodology filters  that enable the searcher to quickly locate relevant literature on etiology, diagnosis, therapy, prognosis, and clinical prevention guides.

Systematic Reviews  finds citations for systematic reviews, meta-analyses, reviews of clinical trials, evidence-based medicine, consensus development conferences, and guidelines.

Medical Genetics: uses a pre-set medical genetics search filters that enable the search to quickly locate relevant literature on various topics in medical genetics.

Search Tip: Your search in Clinical Studies will only work if you select the appropriate search category.

Search Terms Used

PubMed Videos and Training

Access Pratt Library Databases

The links in this guide are to the tutorials and information guides with instructions about how to use the databases and other resources available through the Edward L. Pratt Research Library.  To access the databases please visit the Databases Page of the Pratt Library website or you can also access UC Libraries databases through our affiliate access.