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Database Searching Tutorials: Further Information and Training: OVID MEDLINE

This guide provides information about tutorials that are available to demonstrate how to use different scholarly databases


Up-to-the-minute access to the latest bibliographic citations and author abstracts from more than 5,500 biomedicine and life sciences journals in nearly 40 languages (60 languages for older journals). English abstracts are included in more than 80% of the records.

Publisher Created Tutorials

Introduction to MEDLINE on OVID (19 min)

The course will highlight the unique structure of this database (including MeSH and the Tree) and includes a detailed review of specific limits, fields and search tips for this resource.

Special techniques in MEDLINE (12 min)
Learn more about searching using the NLM’s Medical Subject Headings (MeSH), floating subheadings, and implementing specific limits such as clinical queries, MEDLINE, Publication types and Limits.

Ovid MEDLINE Database Guide

OvidSP Quick Reference Guide

OvidSP Quick Reference Card

What's the difference between MEDLINE and PubMed? - NLM factsheet

OVIDsp Tutorials

Search and discover current full-text ejournals and ebooks, as well as bibliographic information, plus manage your results and all of your research documents—all within the OvidSP platform.

OVIDsp Training Page - OVID's training page includes links to both live and recorded training sessions on how to use the OVID interface and also for the different databases available on the OVID platform, such as MEDLINE, Cochrane Library, and ACP Journal Club.

OVIDsp Resource Center - The resource center provides links to different written guides for the OVID interface and OVID databases.  The guides are in PDF format.

User Created Tutorials

Advanced Searching in OVID (Tufts University Hirsh Health Sciences Library)

MeSH vs Keyword Searching in OVID (Tufts University Hirsh Health Sciences Library)

 The following streaming video files have been designed to offer users of the OvidSP search platform, helpful tips on using the interface.  Each short, 02.00 to 04.00 minute video, covers a specific aspect of searching from the very basics through to advanced, multi-term searching and field searching.  Each clip includes textual help as well as an audio commentary.
  • Simple Searching  in Basic Search Mode : How to perform a simple search of CAB Abstracts using multiple keywords in OvidSP, Basic Search Mode.
  • Refining Your Search Results : After running your initial search, this tutorial shows you how to use the OvidSP Search Aids to refine your search results.
  • Phrase Searching in Basic Search Mode : This tutorial shows you how to restrict your search, in Basic Search mode, to specific phrases, rather than individual words.
  • Advanced Ovid – The Basics : This tutorial introduces Advanced Ovid search mode and multi-term searching, using single words and phrases, and Boolean search operators.
  • Advanced Searching of CAB Abstracts : This tutorial shows the use of both the Advanced Search and Multi-Field Search screens to refine searches using the Ovid search tools and the CABI field tags to limit searches to Indexing and CABICODES fields.
  • Global Health Introduction : This tutorial introduces some advanced techniques for searching Global Health on the OvidSP platform.

Access Pratt Library Databases

The links in this guide are to the tutorials and information guides with instructions about how to use the databases and other resources available through the Edward L. Pratt Research Library.  To access the databases please visit the Databases Page of the Pratt Library website or you can also access UC Libraries databases through our affiliate access.