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Symplectic Elements: Home

What is Symplectic Elements?

Symplectic Elements is Cincinnati Children's publication tracking system. This centralized system makes recording and reporting scholarly activities easy in several ways:

  • A single source of truth or one place to go to gather all scholarly activities including publications.
  • Searches online databases including PubMed, CrossRef, Scopus and more.
  • Calculates h-index and includes other research
  • Shows impact metrics e.g. citation analysis and Altmetrics.
  • Receive email alerts when new scholarly activities are found.
  • Can work with Endnote and other bibliographic software (import and export).

Logon to Symplectic

Symplectic Elements can be accessed via the following link and you will use your CHMC network login and password to access the system.

Symplectic Elements Login

If you are unable to access Elements, please submit an Elements Access Request Form to be added to the system.

Symplectic Elements has two types of users:

  • Academic – system will search for publications.
  • Non-Academic – system does not automatically search for publications, but users are granted access for administrative purposes.

The following position titles from CHMC’s PeopleSoft HR Data are granted access to Elements:


Academic Users

Non-Academic Users

  • Division Directors
  • Faculty Members
  • Clinical Research Coordinators
  • Fellows
  • Research Assistants
  • Research Nurses
  • Administrative Assistants
  • Business Directors
  • Business Managers


Additional Roles/Functions

Special user accounts within Elements allow individuals to better manage their divisions. These accounts are:

  • Research Manager - able to “impersonate” users (login as yourself and then login to another user’s account as a delegate) in their group to update search terms, claim, reject and manually add publications to users’ profiles.
  • Statistician – able to run reports on members and groups within their division. Statisticians have access to the reporting module “Citation and Statistics”.

Training-Introduction to Symplectic Elements (online module, approx. 30 minutes)

This required course is available via the ELM and is initially intended for all DPOCs. It will cover a tour of the site, how to select and add a delegate, as well as claim, reject and add publications to an author's account.
To sign up in the ELM use Search Activity Code:

Process Flow

Symplectic Elements Upgrade 5.12