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Resource Discovery: Summon

Resource Discovery at Pratt Research Library

How to use Summon Search Box

The Summon Search Box located on the UC Libraries webpage is a convenient way to search for journals, articles, books and other resources that the University of Cincinnati has made available to Cincinnati Children's users.

1.)    Visit

       a.) Scroll down to section under search box labeled "UC Libraries."  Click on the big red button that reads "Off Campus Access"

       b.) Scroll down to the "Proxy Access" section.  Click on the "Proxy Login" link. "Library Off Campus Access (Proxy)" button.


2.)    To login, please click on the “Affiliates Login” tab**. Your UC ID number is your Cincinnati Children's badge number, then enter your last name.

**Please note the different types of "Affiliate Access" as noted by UC Libraries and sign in accordingly:

3.)  Find the Search box on the UC Libraries webpage.  Select the appropriate tab for your search (Article, Book, Journal, Database, etc).

4.)  Enter your search terms into the box.  In our example we copied in the title of a desired article- then hit enter or click on the magnifying glass.  You will be taken to a results page.  Scroll through the results and see if your desired resource is included in the results.  If there is a "full text online" link click on it!  If there is only a "citation available" link, then the full text is not available electronically thru UC Libraries.

Other helpful options for trying to locate a full text article: Pratt Library, Google ScholarKopernio, Pubmed.



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