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Symplectic Elements: DPOC Reporting-Microstrategy


The Symplectic Elements Project Team has worked to provide a core group of publication reports that allows divisions to pull their own reports as needed.  These reports exist in MicroStrategy, a separate business analytics reporting tool solution used at CCHMC, and will be rolled out to end users throughout FY18.

Click the link below to get a description of the different reports available in MicroStrategy and other useful information.

There is now a Symplectic Publication Steering Committee that meets at least quarterly to discuss reporting opportunities and system utilization. If you have a reporting need not captured in the existing reports, please use the following form (http://mcvmttpprd01/ttweb/EIMSoloSubmit.htm), which will be assessed by the Symplectic Steering Committee and Information Services on the feasibility of the request.