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Symplectic Elements: DPOC-Tasks

Verify all Faculty Members

Make sure to verify that all of the faculty members in the division are listed in Symplectic Elements.


  1. Login to Symplectic Elements.
  2. From the home tab in the Navigation box click on the + sign next to System Admin.

  3. Click on User Groups.
  4. Click on the name of the division


    If not visible click on the + next to Research Divisions and Departments and click on the name of the division

  5. In the Tasks box click on Download a list of all users in this group.
  6. An Excel file with the list of all faculty members will open. Check this list using column B (Alphabetical name) and email if a faculty member is missing.


How can I fix an Incorrect Author Name in Symplectic?

The names of authors in Symplectic Elements come from CHMC’s PeopleSoft Human Resource data. Information such as First name, Last name, Department etc. are used to create the author’s profile name. If the author has an alias in the HR system that is different from the author’s legal first name, Symplectic will display the alias e.g. the author’s legal name is Marion but she goes by Judy (this is her alias).

If the author uses an alias and it is not in Symplectic Elements make sure to update author’s alias information through MyHub. Click on the link below for instructions.


Symplectic will be updated when the next HR file is available.

Turn off searches

If Symplectic Elements users are in or move into a role where they will not publish OR a person is in the system but doesn't publish and Symplecitc is notifying you of pending publications, you can turn off the searches.

  1. Log in and go to Impersonate the user.
  2. You will need to first clear any pending publications from the profile (reject all). To do this go to the bottom of the page and click on Reset (clear pending publications) and click OK.

  3. Next go to the Menu tab-My Account tab-Data Source Search-Name-based search.
  4. Scroll down to Source-specific name-based search terms and uncheck all of  the Currently searched checkboxes.
  5. Select Save at the bottom right of the page.

  6. There will be a message "Tracy Glauser has switched off searching of all online database." in the person's Menu tab-My Account Search-Name-based search terms.

    You will also see this message "You need to set up your search settings so Symplectic CCHMC Elements can find your scholarly outputs on the web" in the Home tab in My Actions.